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Booklets set you apart from the competition and are useful for many reasons such as retail catalogs, marketing, educating, Gala programs, and raising awareness. Our state-of-the-art digital printing capabilities offer the simplest, easiest and quickest turnaround times at a cost lower than other printing companies on quantities as low as 25.

The most common type of Booklets are:

• Saddle Stitched

• Perfect Bound

• Coiled



Saddle Stitched

Fast and simple to make, affordable, and gives you a professional look which allows you
to save money. Saddle stitched is the most popular and ideal choice for booklets
and calendars with smaller page counts between 8 and 60 pages.

Includes 4 pages per sheet of paper (ex: 6 sheets equals 24 page book).



Perfect Binding

Perfect bound books are the most popular type of soft cover binding, are inexpensive to make and provide a durable, high quality, attractive look that can’t be matched. Perfect binding
is the ideal choice for publications with higher page counts (28 pages up to 2 inches thick),
giving them a professional-looking, printable square spine.



Spiral Binding

Spiral binding uses a durable, plastic coil which makes it an ideal option for every-day use
and reference material. Comes in various sizes, diameters and coil colors, and can accommodate a higher page count up to 2” thick. Manuals and handbooks are examples of products
that are well-suited for spiral binding.

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